Get $22 Free Credit to Your Account at Vultr – Spring Coupon

Vultr – a High Performance SSD Cloud provider with 14 locations is giving away $20 to every newly registered account. Accompanied by following Vultr’s twitter, you will get total $22 free credit in your account.

How to get $22 Free Vultr Credit

– Access to Vultr page and register a new account

– After that, go to the Billing section, add credit card information or pay for Vultr $5 via Paypal.

– Then, fill the Enter Code box with the gift code below, click Apply to receive $20 for free.

Gift code $20 free credit

***Credit will be expired 30 days from the day you use gift code.

– One more step to get $2 for more from Vultr, go to https://my.vultr.com/promo/, you will see the notification

– Click Follow @Vultr and Tweet and see how $2 is being added to your account.

So, the total amount that you receive is now $22 for free. If you never ever had an account at Vultr, this is a good opportunity for you to make one.

***To try Vultr Servers for 60 days for FREE, Click here and enjoy the $50 Free Credit promotion. 

Update: This promotion has ended.