.SHOP Domain Early Registration on September 1st, Starts at 26,000 USD – Spring Coupon

On Thursday, September 1st, 2016 .SHOP domain name officially will be launched its Early Access Program. Price begins with 26,000 USD.

In January 2016, GMO Registry, Inc paid $41.5 million in an auction to acquire the rights to own the new .SHOP domain names and give a launch schedule for this new gTLD.

In the first phase – Sunrise, there was almost 1,000 domain registered. The next phase – Early Access Program (EAP) will start on Sept 1st, 2016.

Some of the domain providers join this phase, namely: GoDaddy,, 101domain, Hexonet… In which, Hexonet offers the cheapest first price in EAP 1 – $26,534.5.

The Early Access Program for .SHOP domain will run in 26 days – marks the opening of .SHOP to the general public and is an advance registration program. Participants will have first chance to pick their own relevant, meaningful and easy to remember .SHOP domain names.

This period is separated into 7 stages. Each stage opens at 15:00 (UTC) and closes at 14:59 (UTC).

From Sept 1st – 26th
Hexonet 101domain GoDaddy
EAP 1 1st – 3rd $26,534.5 $29,999 $35,019.99 $40,000
EAP 2 3rd – 6th $10,534.5 $12,999 $14,019.99 $15,000
EAP 3 6th – 10th $2,784.5 $3,499 $3,519.99 $5,000
EAP 4 10th – 14th $1,079.5 $1,499 $1,419.99 $1,250
EAP 5 14th – 8th $584.5 $749 $719.99 $750
EAP 6 18th – 22nd $309.5 $349 $369.99 $750
EAP 7 22nd – 26th $144.5 $149 $159.99 $750
General Availability From 26th $34.5 $36.99 $19.99 $24.99

The sooner you pick your own domain, the higher price you have to pay, but it’s worth paying cause just 1 second late, your brand will belong to others. So, make the best decision for this .SHOP web as soon as possible. Time won’t wait for anyone.

.SHOP is the top level domain for all things shopping. Whether you sell products or services, online or offline a .SHOP domain name adds meaning to your online address and is a powerful marketing tool. With the strong meaning, GMO Registry Inc expects to reach 1 million domain registrations in the first year of this domain.